Friday, April 15, 2011

A Culture of Excellence - Christopher Brennan


Welcome to the home of my Fire Engineering blog - "A Culture of Excellence".  Some of you may know me from my website , from my articles in the Fire Engineering, or from my book The Combat Position: Achieving Firefighter Readiness.  I'm honored that Chief Halton has asked me to be a contributor here under the banner of "The National Firefighter's Journal."  

"A Culture of Excellence" will focus on my thoughts and views on how to reduce fireground injuries and firefighter line of duty deaths through superior leadership, training, and preparation for the dynamic threat-environment of the modern fireground.

In my work with developing the Fire Service Warrior concept I examine one very specific way of going about achieving that goal - the formalization of a Warrior Culture in the Fire Service.    I recognize that is a philosophical stance that not everyone in the fire service will aspire to.  Here on the National Firefighter's Journal I will go about advocating many of the same ideals, but with a slightly different slant.  I advocate a Culture of Excellence.

For those who don't know me though, I think a formal introduction is in order.

I'm a 14 year veteran of the fire service.  I have worked for on-call, part-time, and career agencies.  Currently I hold the career service rank of Engineer with a suburban Chicago-metro area department.  I have taught thousands of hours of Fireground and Hazardous Materials courses.  I've worked as a consultant to private, local, and federal agencies.

While I am writing under the banner of the Fire Engineering "National Firefighter's Journal" the views I express are mine and mine alone.  They are not representative of the views, policies, training, or expectations of any agency I currently (or previously) have worked for.

Keep your eyes peeled and we will get to work here soon.

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  1. Hey - nice to see you here Chris, been digesting the book for a while now. I'll hopefully be getting with you soon on some thoughts. Take care, nice spending some time with you at FDIC - Jeff